Can Henna Change Your Life?

Yesterday morning, while on Facebook, I noticed The Pioneer Woman!/pages/The-Pioneer-Woman-Ree-Drummond/111065157857?ref=mf was taking her daughters to get their hair cut.  While perusing the internet I saw that Kate Gosselin recently paid $7000 (allegedly) for her new blond extensions.  I knew that Great Clips has been running their deal, $6.99 haircuts, for a while.  So I decided, hey, this is the day for my long needed trim.  After work, I drove by a Great Clips, but alas, the $6.99 poster was not in the window.  Expecting the worst, I parked and walked in, to find that yes, the deal is done.  I said, “thanks” and left.
Yes, I know the regular price of a Great Clips trim is only $12, but I decided to head home, and cut it myself.  I’ve trimmed it before – it’s not that difficult.  Plus, I never trim too much, that way if it looks too ghastly I still have something left for an actual stylist to work with.  Honestly, it’s just hair.
I’m happy with yesterday’s trim, especially that it was free.  Today I hope to get by Good Foods  and purchase some henna  You see, I’m going gray.  I want to hide the gray.  But, I don’t want to use chemicals.  Please, no offense if you’re a dye-er.  I have friends who dye, my sister dyes.  I just really want to try this in a more “natural” way.  Granted, completely natural would be letting the gray show, but, well, I just don’t like it.  I wear make-up on my face, why not a bit on my hair?  

Color suggestions?  I’m thinking I might end up in the red family.  A place I haven’t peronsally been.  My husband’s the red head.  Or maybe keep mine in the light brown family.   A bit dull, since that’s what I’ve had most of my life, except for the blond college years. . . .
I noticed on the Light Mountain Natural Hair web page the question, “Can henna change your life?”.  While I seriously doubt it will, their answer is:    “Maybe…But it will definitely change your hair. And with bright, lustrous, newly enhanced locks, who knows where the possibilities may lead?”  So in a couple of hours, I’ll leave work, pick up my henna, and find out – where the possibilities may lead.  

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