Life on Lansill – Please pass the veggies, part 2, AKA Faux Meat

We are so far, so good on the whole “Allie becoming a vegetarian thing.”  We have hit a few milestones this past week.  Let’s just call them the “faux meat milestones”. 

On Thursday evening, we decided to grill outdoors.  It was the first grill of the season for the Kentucky  Moncks, and the two males in our family were happy to get out on the patio and utilize the propane induced device.  Earlier in the day I researched how to make homemade veggie burgers, knowing our Allie would need something to satisfy her want of dinner.  I found this recipe:, which turned out to be pretty good.  I, as well as Allie enjoyed a veggie burger on Thursday night. 

On Friday evening, we went out to dinner in celebration of Chip’s birthday.  The restaurant’s menu included a veggie burger, so that’s what Allie decided upon.  There were other options, including a veggie plate, but I think she really wanted to try out the restaurant version of faux meat.  Well, when our meals arrived, the waitress set down a burger plate which included a ground beef patty.  Not what Allie ordered.  Allie’s first thought, not wanting to displease, was to eat the fries only, and not ask for a replacement burger.  We quickly talked her into sending the plate back.  Soon she received her original order – what I believe to be a Boca burger patty on a bun.  Allie enjoyed it also, bringing half of it home for lunch on Saturday.  She mentioned she liked our homemade version better (much to my satisfaction, of course!).

Tonight Jamie (our carnivorous 15 year old son, who is also our resident gourmet chef) made veggie chorizo burritos for himself, Allie and I.  He wasn’t real thrilled about the product beforehand, actually he was skeptical, but he ate two (rather large) burritos filled with the chorizo, eggs, potatoes and cheese.  Granted, I’ve taught him you can put about anything in a tortilla and enjoy it – that comes from growing up on the border.  Allie ate one full serving, as did I.  So, this made a total of three faux meat experiences in the last week.  Three fairly successful faux meat experiences. 

I’ve almost finished reading “Fast Food Nation.”  Quite informative, and more than a bit frightening!  We’ve recorded Jamie Oliver’s show  I planted a blueberry bush on Sunday (please send suggestions if you’ve ever done this!).  We’ll soon be planting our two vegetable gardens.  We are buying much more organic food.  Allie and I made homemade granola last night (does that mean we’re Granola People???).  And I realize that THINKING about what you’re going to eat takes a lot of effort!  We weren’t terribly horrible eaters before.  We weren’t one of those everyday through the fast food drive through families.  But, good grief, if you truly are what you eat – and you are – we weren’t doing a fabulous job.  I don’t want my kids to drink.  I definitely don’t want them to do drugs.  But I also don’t want them to be unhealthy because of the garbage they eat. 

So once again, congrats to The Albear (our affectionate name for our girl child) for keeping up her commitment to be meat free.  And for trying new things.  Even when it’s not easy. 

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