Thinking on Their Own

Yesterday my soon to be 12 daughter asked me this:  “Was Joseph a virgin?”  She was referring to Joseph, earthly father of Jesus, husband of Mary.  She went on to state that we know Mary was virgin, but what about Joseph. . . .

Well, to be honest, I’d never contemplated that thought before.  I guess I’ve always assumed, since the bible mentions Joseph was a righteous (just, good, etc., depending on your version) man, he wasn’t the Casanova of Nazareth.  

How’d I answer her question?  Well, I kind of mumbled through something like the bible really doesn’t say for sure, but I’m pretty certain he was.  Interesting question.  And really, why didn’t Matthew and Luke mention if Joseph had been with a woman?   And beyond that, why is my Protestant daughter reflecting on the Virgin Mary outside of the Christmas season?  

I suppose she’s thinking on her own.
My son and I have had some recent interaction regarding political persuasion.  I don’t think he completely agrees with me on every issue.  He’s 15 and I realize he’ll probably change his mind about lots of things throughout his lifetime.  

I know some folks who would be troubled with that.  They want their kids to be smaller, younger copies of them.  Politically, theologically, etc.  Honestly, I’m glad my kids are thinking for themselves.  I’m glad they have questions. 
Don’t take that to mean I encourage ideals that would harm them.  I simply want them to care, to think, to be something besides a ME born in the 1990s. 

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