Life on Lansill – Monck Summer Favorites

Please, leave the hookah at home.  Thanks.
One of my absolute favorite things to do in Lexington is attend the summer jazz series on Tuesday nights at Ecton Park.  Our family enjoys packing a picnic dinner, loading up some lawn chairs and a quilt, and relaxing to a couple hours of live music.  
Last night was our first Ecton Park jazz night of the season.  The four of us were quite happy to go.  Besides the music, it’s an excellent venue for people watching.  Last night the people watching went up a notch when the odd man with the hookah showed up.   If you’re unfamiliar with what a hookah is, please check this sight:  (You can always count on wikipedia to come through. . . )  

So, besides the dogs on leashes that aren’t always keen on other dogs, local celebrities, and senior citizens trying to hide their open containers of wine (which is not allowed in our city parks), we now have Hookah Man to search out again.   I can’t wait until next Tuesday.

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