a day unforgotten

Every once in a while, we experience days we know we’ll never forget.  Yesterday was such a day.
Not because anything crazy happened.  There were no catastrophic events.  No earthquake, or terrorist strike on American soil.  I didn’t win the lottery.
But. . . . this weekend was the first time Jamie played guitar along with the Vineyard Community Church worship band.  He’s played in the [youth] band, but never with the adult team.  He did great.  I’m very proud. 
Another memory bookmark that occurred yesterday was Chip’s ordination with Vineyard. 
And in my mind these events bring our family full circle in a couple areas.
A year ago I didn’t know if Chip would ever work in the ministry full time again.  There was a chance his calling had changed, that there wasn’t a place for him, at least not for a while in our current circumstances.
I also didn’t know if Jamie would be able to utilize his musical gifts in a worship setting for quite some time.  He had at our previous ministry location.  But it was small, his dad was the main guy, etc.  

But now the circle is complete.  And things feel right.  I have no doubts we’re where we should be.  And for me, a wife and mom, that’s a good thing.  Knowing my family is at the right spot on the road.  And knowing we’re not alone on that spot.  Because we’ve traveled alone and that’s not where I want to be. 

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