another first day

Today, Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 
is the first school day in the Fayette County Public school system.  Which means, James & Catherine Alexis [aka Jamie & Allie] reported in for duty.  For Jamie, it is public school #7 (folks, this is not counting his 2 preschools). But, he is 25% done with high school and has a 4.5 gpa, so I’m not concerned it’s affected him academically.   He began his sophomore year this morning at Bryan Station High School.  They offer a music program that he (or us, his parents) couldn’t pass up.  Allie continued at Lexington Traditional Magnet, leaving the house in her lovely polo shirt/khaki pant/navy cardigan combo, as LTMS is a stringent dress code school.  Through text messages this afternoon, I was able to confirm they both had good first days.  
I don’t particularly care for the back to school season.  It includes supply and clothes shopping, which are 2 things I don’t really enjoy.  And, of course all the fees, all the forms, all the hoo-rah-rah that goes along with the beginning of a school year.  Not to mention the fact that it was nearly 100 degrees today.  That seems like summer weather to me.  At least here in Kentucky.  The cold hard truth is:  I like having those 2 around.
Since a significant portion of my day was opened up for the first time since June, I:
  • worked until 2 pm
  • went to the YMCA and ran on the treadmill (I dislike treadmills)
  • purchased some thank you notes and postage stamps (for Jamie to send to his Haiti partners)
  • applied for 8 jobs on-line (my current job just might end 9/30)
  • folded some laundry
  • worked on a fiction blog (more on that later)
  • made my dinner and ate it alone (due to youth group and Chip’s Wednesday schedule)
  • baked a loaf of banana bread
  • read a July entry from my one year Bible (I’m just a bit behind – I WILL catch up)
  • contemplated whether I’ll quit being a rebel and join the PTA this year (probably not)
  • read on someone’s FB that many evangelical Christians are converting to Catholicism (really???)
  • pondered why people criticize others so much on line (aren’t we all [yes, including myself] too judgmental?)
I just deleted 2 paragraphs I wrote on the last point.   I realized perhaps I was being too critical. 
So another first day is coming to an end.  I’ve got 2 more with Jamie; 5 more with Allie.  Unless I can convince them to go to college locally.  We live 4.1 miles from the University of Kentucky; 4.7 from Transylvania University.  I can surely make it to either of those for a quick first day. . . . .
“Have a great day!”

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