Down with Plastic

       I’m putting this on my Christmas list: 

Or at least something similar.  It’s the Pyrex 14-piece Storage Plus Set.  Yes, Pyrex = glass.  I’ve read too much about plastic storage containers and their harmful effects.  Plus they often [take on] the smell and/or taste of whatever’s been stored in them.  And I’m tired of dealing with the mess plastic containers and lids cause in the cupboard.

Meanwhile, I came across this yesterday:  The Beauty of a Mason Jar.  I’ve decided that I will begin utilizing my mason jars as refrigerator storage [more often than I do now].  Currently I use them for homemade salsa, salad dressings, and a few other things.  But why not leftovers?  I have a pretty good collection, thanks to a mom that cans peach jelly, pickles, etc. . . . . . .
{I conveniently forget to return the jars when I visit.}

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