sometimes. . . .

Sometimes I think I’m addicted to baking.  Or else I’m addicted to baked goods.  In less than a week, I’ve baked a coffee cake, chocolate chip cookies, cream cheese banana muffins, and Jamie made brownies.  Mind you, none of these goodies have left our home (except in lunch boxes).  It was all for us!!!!
Sometimes I listen multiple times to Seeking You by Hillsong United.  It’s my go to song when I’m down.  And yes, it’s old now [1999], and nothing close to their best stuff, but I like it.
Sometimes I play Bach on the piano when no one is around.  Just so I’ll know I still can.

  Sometimes I eat hot fudge sauce straight from the jar with a spoon.  Yes, I look both ways, open the fridge, and indulge. 

Sometimes I feel like the world might stop turning if I don’t visit a Kroger once a day.  And sometimes I’d like to shout at people who call it “Kroger[s]”, 
Sometimes I wonder why Allie has brown eyes.  I have green, Chip has blue, Jamie has green.  My mom has brown, so I suppose that’s where.   I don’t remember all that dominant gene biology business. 
Sometimes I realize that I think too much about nonsense, and should be 
spending the time baking.

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