calmly carrying on

I have wanted one for a long time and I finally ordered it last week.

Yes, it’s just a [poster].  I actually read on-line before I purchased it that hipsters now find the poster cliche.  Or something like that.  But, I don’t consider myself a [hipster].  In fact I recently read a book that confirms I’m not:  Hipster Christianity.  Despite the fact that I like NPR and Shane Claiborne and shopping at thrift stores.  Apparently I don’t drink enough or smoke enough to be one [I don’t at all].  And I tried listening to Sufjan Stevens but found him too odd for my tastes.  But that’s a topic for another day [maybe, most likely not].
Anyway, I like this poster for a couple reasons: 
  1. The saying is great.  Keeping calm is important.  I don’t like it when people get out of hand.  Plus carrying on is necessary, right?
  2. The history of this poster is quite interesting.  click here for info  Can you imagine, living in Great Britain during WWII?  Good grief, they’d been a powerful nation for centuries.   They were bombed, blitzed and realistically feared Nazi invasion.  They moved their children from London to the country for protection.  I could go on and on because. . . . I find history compelling.  I’m actually loving this book:  The Knight of Maison-Rouge.   Marie Antoinette, the French Revolution. . . . maybe history’s not your thing?
The poster is on its way.  And I find it’s good timing because it’s panning out to be an interesting week.  I had a job interview yesterday that turned out to be a [group interview].  Yes, me and three other people vying for the same job while questioned by a panel of five.  Before our group, five candidates went through the same process.  Did I mention they gave us a [test] beforehand?  Then today, we discover mold in our workplace.  And the workplace finances we hoped that would get us to Thanksgiving are going quicker than we’d hoped. I have another interview Thursday.  This time at the University of Kentucky, so I’m already mentally preparing myself for the sheer stress of finding parking.  

Today, on the way home from work I stopped at Good Foods.  The purpose being to purchase an organic dark chocolate bar.  No, Hershey’s doesn’t cut it anymore.  I want the good stuff.  Like I wrote above, I’m not a drinker, so picking up a bottle of Kentucky bourbon on the way home doesn’t appeal.  Am I addicted to chocolate?  No, I’d say not.  But it helps get me through the day, and hey, the message on the back of the chocolate bar says this:  “By choosing Equal Exchange fairly traded products, you support a food system that builds stronger farming communities, creates a more equitable trade model, and preserves our planet through sustainable farming methods.” 

So, I’m preserving our planet my eating chocolate.  Not to mention good chocolate.  Which helps me keep calm until my poster arrives.  Did I mention I wasted some time at the post office today?  Ugh!  [keep calm, keep calm. . . ]

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