I like the sun.  How could I not?  I was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona.  If you’re not familiar with the weather in Yuma, check out this link.  The sun shines most of the time.  I even named my blog Once Upon. . . . 
So I take note of things like sunrises and sunsets.  Yesterday I mentioned to my kids that the sunset was especially pretty.  Daughter Allie said something like, “Is there a sunset tonight?”.  What she meant, of course, was, “Is the sunset visible tonight?”  Nevertheless, son Jamie and I teased her, explaining there’s a sunset EVERY night, regardless of whether or not we see it.
This morning I went on a walk/run.  At one point I turned and not really meaning to, looked at the eastern sky.  The colors were beautiful.  The sun was rising.  Which reminds me of Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. . . .
And, really that’s my point.  At least sort of.  The sun ALWAYS rises.  The sun ALWAYS sets.  Since the beginning of time.  We can depend on it.  And if we believe, and I do, that God created the sun, we can see the similarity between the sun and Him.  He’s always here.  And has been.  Since before us.  Since we can’t imagine when because He’s always been [I didn’t mean to make a rhyme there].  
And He’s consistent.  Like the sun.  I don’t have to consider the sun not coming up tomorrow morning.  No matter what, it’s going to.  Consistency is a good thing.  Despite that I like home runs, Hail Mary passes and underdog tie breaker victories.  Consistency is what wins on a regular basis.  Consistency is what I depend on.  It’s what I need.  
So, while miracles are great, and I’m a believer, I treasure the faithful, constant, never changing power that’s evident in the sunrise.  And the sunset.

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