Sometimes the worst gift becomes the best gift


I follow Good Foods Market & Cafe on Facebook.  On 12/23, I came across this in their status:

For our eleventh Day of Giving, we have a Celestial Seasonings gift basket! For your chance to win, tell us about your most favorite gift you’ve ever received for the holidays. We will choose one winner based on our favorite response. Prizes can only be picked up in our store.


So, I responded with this:


My favorite holiday gift was a Kitchen Aid stand mixer my husband got me. We don’t usually buy each other such expensive items, but because we were in the middle of relocating across the country, my husband wanted to give me something special. I’d wanted a KA mixer for years. Our kids & I were staying at my parents while our move was in process. He ended up carrying it (in its box) through I don’t know how many airports, as he had to fly from his new job locale to their home. It weighed a BUNCH, but he faithfully got it to me. I’ve had it 12 years and still love using it.

They came back on 12/24 [aka Christmas Eve] with:

Today’s winner is Debbie Glenn Monck for her story about her husband’s dedication. Plus, KitchenAids are pretty awesome! Thanks for the great stories, everyone. Check back later today for the last, and best, giveaway.

In between entering my response and finding out I’d won, I had one of those conversations you don’t want to have with your husband.  Especially not on Christmas Eve.  While I don’t feel I need to go into all the details, I will divulge that I came to realize I am not what I want to be, or what he needs me to be.  

So, when I found out I’d won the gift basket, my first thought was [irony!!!].  If they only knew. . . . . . they most likely would have given the gift basket to another deserving winner.   

But over the last few days, I realize that what I’ve been given, in receiving this information from my husband, is in some ways a gift.  And maybe it’s the best kind of gift.  I won’t be so cliche to say “it’s the gift of a 2nd chance”, because that’s just plain corny.  But I will say that I’ve been slapped in the face [figuratively] with the fact that nothing much matters.  Except the relationships we have.  My house, my new blender and LL Bean tote bag and lap desk.  My occupation.   {These things will all come and go.  And sometimes I’ll like them, and sometimes I won’t.  And eventually they’ll be nothing.}

We like to joke in our family about Bohemian Rhapsody [the song].  Yes, I know it’s a classic, but it’s SO dramatic.  The lyrics say “nothing really matters”.  And that’s almost true.   But I really want to learn to concentrate on the bit that does.  So, while I’d like to write an entry that makes me appear somewhat cutesy, or fun, or at least somewhat sane, I forced myself to be honest.  And while my blog title is Once Upon a Sunny Day, not every day is sunny.  And not every Christmas is remembered as merry.  But I want to make it a point to remember the worst gift I received.

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