{race with no end}

I feel like I’m running in a race.  And the finish line has been altered.  Extended, if you will.  What started off as a 5K has become a half marathon and could quite possibly end up a marathon.
The race was supposed to end Monday.  Now it’s Friday, and though it’s rumored that the finish line is today, I have no clear indication that’s the case.  The finish line might then become Tuesday.  Which would then make the race more like an Iron Man triathlon.
To put it in literal terms, we were scheduled to close on the house we’re selling and the house we’re buying this past Monday.  The buyer’s parents are [actually] the buyer, and they caused a snafu.  His parents went on a cruise, gave him power of attorney, and put a huge sum of money in an account to handle the closing, down payment, etc.  The problem being they put the money in the WRONG account.  Actually, the wrong bank.  Yes, Wells Fargo and Bank of America are two completely different financial institutions. So, we’re waiting for them to return from their cruise [supposedly they did yesterday], and show up physically at a bank and make this right.
Meanwhile, our family has moved out of our house and even sent most of our belongings, via POD to our new house.  Chip, my husband, made a beautiful plan for us.  [He’s good at planning.]  We checked into the downtown Lexington Hyatt on Friday, at a Priceline rate of $45/night.  Again, we were scheduled to close on both homes Monday, meaning we’d check out of the hotel and proceed with the unload.  Well, as you’ve put together, Monday came and went with no closing and we’re now awaiting word on what’s next.  Fortunately, Chip was able to renew our $45/night room through Priceline.  And he and Jamie were able to attend the UK basketball game on Tuesday night, thanks to free tickets from a friend.  Which was extra nice because the Hyatt is adjacent to Rupp Arena [home of the Wildcats].

But. . . while eating vegetarian sushi and Kroger brand chips in a Hyatt room does bring some joy, and exploring the many elevated pedways of downtown adds some adventure, we’re ready to move on with our lives.  We’re ready to finish this race.  Or at least find out how much farther we have to run.  So, here’s hoping to seeing the finish line. . . . today!

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