{home sweet home} aka {Life on Loudon}

Our home
What our home used to look like
The fence in our backyard
[I think whoever painted this left out the A.  Meaning it should read “East Side”.]
 Meet our clock – a new addition.
We will soon have everything arranged in a permanent manner.  For now, we’re able to function.  We’re happy to now have 2 full baths.  And despite our mockery of those on House Hunters who truly believe they cannot exist without stainless steal appliances, we now have them.  [although we testify they’re not a necessity, but a blessing worked out between our realtor and the previous owner/renovator]  I am already thinking of our backyard vegetable garden, hoping Chip will change his mind about the worm farm I learned about at a composting workshop.  I’m looking forward to spring, which will mean sitting on our porch as well as walking our dog CJ regularly.  I enjoy exploring a neighborhood on foot.  You see so much more that way. 
I wish I could fully explain our road to get here.  It’s really not just moving from the south side of Lexington to the north.  It’s more than that.  Maybe it started with a not so pleasant conversation in 1989 after hearing Tony Campolo speak at our college.  Maybe way before that.  I remember taking the kids to see a house catty cornered to the one we’re in now.  It was about a year ago.  I heard about it’s availability from a coworker.  Later that week we contacted the realtor and all four of us toured it.  We liked it a lot.  But selling our house and all the details involved overwhelmed us.  And the catty cornered house sold.  But we decided to go ahead and list our house.  And our house didn’t sell.  And didn’t sell.  And barely got looked at.  Until a few days before Christmas.  An offer was made.  We negotiated.  We took it off the market.  The offer was re-offered.  We accepted.  We moved. 
And here we are.  On Loudon Avenue.   We used to back up to a somewhat suburban middle school.  Now it’s railroad tracks and a cemetery.  {Life on Loudon} is definitely different than {Life on Lansill}.  And this time around, different is good.

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