a week in the life

Sometimes I can’t think of a stellar idea for a blog entry.  Sometimes my mind is scattered.  This could be the result of having a 16 year old and an almost 13 year old and a beagle and a full time job and a husband who works at a church.  Or maybe I just have that type of brain [ie scattered].  

This week. . . . 

I completed reading Love Wins.  My opinion?  I’ll only discuss it if you’ve read the book.  No judgments, assumptions, or comments welcomed from the un or misinformed [thank you].  

I began reading Leaving Van Gogh.  It’s fiction.  It’s really about Van Gogh, as in Vincent, the artist.  I have three small Van Gogh prints near my desk at work.  Yes, included in the three is the ever popular, Starry Night.  Am I a Van Gogh fanatic?  By all means, no.  I just happen to have the wall hanging, and happened to come across the book at the library.  I’m a random reader like that.  See a book, try it out.  What the heck.  Etc. . . . . . .   Mind you, I do avoid romance novels, graphic novels, science fiction, and various other categories that don’t interest me.  

And speaking of art, this week I came across a photo of this painting in House Beautiful:

Rythme Coloré (Colored Rhythm) Sonia Delaunay (French, born Russia, 1885–1979)

I’ve tried to locate a poster of it via the internet, to no avail.  The colors would bring some things together in our living room [at least that’s my opinion].  Son Jamie saw the photo and said, “That’s abstract.”  Yes, despite not having taken an art class since elementary school, he has a keen eye.  He even answered, “Salvador Dali” to a Jeopardy question recently, and was correct.  Perhaps art appreciation is in his future. . .  doubtful.  

And speaking of Jamie, he and I prepared our Cinco de Mayo meal tonight.  It consisted of green chili enchiladas, Spanish rice and refried beans.  We had a few red enchiladas left over from Sunday’s meal.  But, Jamie said there was no way he was eating left overs on Cinco de Mayo.  He also mentioned it’s his favorite minor holiday.  I’m not sure if he was implying he expected a small gift or token of affection, but since I didn’t arrange anything, I’ll leave it with the meal.

This week Jamie also shared that one of his female teachers has a tattoo of the name, “Jesus” on her ankle.  “Ah, Southern women,” was his comment.  Sometimes kids give a glimpse into their thoughts at the least expected times.  I’m thinking he might end up marrying a Midwesterner.  

Daughter Allie is participating in a unique opportunity tomorrow.  Her school is going to create a video [yes, for youtube].  It’s the entire school performing “We Are the World.”  The highlight of the tonight’s evening was me digging out a copy of the original, as in 1985, sheet music of the song.  The kids liked the photo on the front.  

Yes, that’s Kenny Rogers in the white shirt with the  white hair.  He was popular in the 80’s.   Allie strongly suggested I view the modern version of the video, which I did along with her and Jamie.   I hadn’t remembered all the key changes.   Anyway. . . the point of Allie’s school video is to raise money for the Japan earthquake victims.  How the video helps raise money, I’m not sure. . . . . .   Perhaps further details will follow.

This week husband Chip attended the  Vineyard National Leadership Conference in the Valley of the Sun, aka Phoenix, Arizona.  My home state is Arizona, so it wasn’t easy for me to not follow, hoping if I showed up at the airport he’d feel obligated to let me tag along.  Sometimes I miss the West, and palm trees and cactus, and sunshine [especially when it’s pouring down rain here].  But, today was a beautiful day in Central Kentucky, so I wasn’t really jealous of those in the 90 degree desert heat.

Lastly, I came to a decision this week.  Which is good because I’m terrible at decisions.  I won’t bore anyone with the details, because it’s fairly mundane, but nonetheless [I love words like that – 3 words combined into 1!] it feels good to move on and look into something else.  Onward. . . . .. 

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