June 9 is my wedding anniversary.  This year marks 21 years

I became a wife at 21 years of age; I was 2 months from being 22.  So sometime in this year of marriage, I’ll pass into the time of life when I’ll have been married longer than I have not.  That’s an interesting concept.  I will soon have lived with my husband longer than I lived with my mother, father and sister.  

When you live with someone day in/day out for 21 years, you know him and he knows you.  There are things you cannot possibly comprehend on your wedding day.  If I become fatally ill, how will he handle it?  If I make a huge mistake, if I’m tempted and I succumb, will he offer forgiveness?  Sure, you can say, “love will get us through. . . . anything.”  But I’ve come to realize that nothing is guaranteed.  Marriage is a long term investment.  It’s risky because so much can happen.  

College and graduate school, jobs, apartments and houses, children, children becoming teenagers.  In sickness and in health.  For richer and for poorer.  Forsaking all others.  

I was a naive girl in 1990.  In many ways I grew up with my husband.  We learned so many things together about life, finances, people, ministry.  And we’re still learning today.  I realize more and more that sometimes I don’t have a clue.  Not.a.doggone.clue.  After 20+ years, I often still don’t know how to be someone’s {other half}.  No amount of premarital counseling or books by Dr. Dobson can prepare you.  Sure, those things can be helpful.  And I don’t advocate marriage without seeking a great deal of counsel first.  But when the rubber meets the road, when the honeymoon’s over, when life throws a big heap of poop at you. . . . . it takes more than an “I love you sweetie” to get you through.  

It’s a commitment.  It’s a promise.  It’s an “I do.”  Even when you feel like “I don’t.”  Because the story needs to keep going.  There are more chapters to write.  Even if they’re short chapters, or dull chapters, or chapters filled with the adventure of a lifetime.  

My greatest accomplishment is the story of Chip.and.Deb.  It includes a lot of places, thousands of miles, 2 lovely children, a pesky pet,  some under cooked dinners, a few financial blunders, and a car accident in the snow.  And…..so….. much…. more.  I look forward to year 22, and 23 and all the rest.   

Happy Anniversary to Chip and to me! 

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