In the midst

This has been a week.  
This has been a week of happenings. 
Some of the happenings I’ve lived through before.

Some of the happenings I have not lived through before.

And, as the title of this entry states, I am still in the midst of the week, so I choose not to write about the happenings now.  No doubt, someday I probably will.  Maybe next Wednesday.

As for today, I will choose to be joyful and hopeful.  
Joyful because why not be joyful?  Joyfulness is not over-rated.   
Hopeful in the notion that tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning.
I will try to be joyful.  And despite how difficult it can be, I’ll strive to be patient.

One day earlier this week, my word of the day was faithfulness.  So I focused on the above verse {Romans 12:12}.  And that very day one of my friends sent out a tweet saying, “today I will. . . ” and proceeded to list out the verse.  The Amplified Bible version says, Rejoice and exult in hope; be steadfast and patient in suffering and tribulation; be constant in prayer.”  I like that: be constant in prayer.  

Since I’ve been [in the midst], it’s been good to be constant in prayer.  I don’t stop everything, sit down in my closet, focusing for hours on praying.  But I do, throughout the day, think thoughts to God.  It’s not an entering in, exiting, then coming back.  It’s more of an all the time, always present kind of thing.  

As I await news regarding jobs and finances and school choices and a few other things, I am trying to be “cheerfully expectant” (The Message).  

Cheerfully expectant beats grumpily anxious all to heck.   

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