I currently don’t feel so hot.  It’s been touch and go for about a week.  It began with my husband.  He traveled to Indiana a short while back, and returned with this gosh awful congestion/cough/sickness type thing.  He was exposed to someone who apparently coughed/hacked/exposed his illness all over the place, all the while claiming not to be contagious.  I think this person was wrong and now his Indiana germs have spread to Kentucky.  

I had a sore throat last week, then proceeded to feel better.  Now I am congested and cannot breath well.  It kind of comes and goes, but tonight it has “come” and I feel yucky.  My husband [who is now feeling better] will soon arrive home, look at me, hear my hoarse voice and my heavy breathing, and say, “Have you taken anything?  Why don’t you take some NyQuil?”  

Well, I’ll tell you why. . .   I detest medicine.  It makes me loopy, it’s hard to get down [I’m a gagger], and unless one needs an antibiotic [which I don’t believe I’ve consumed since becoming an adult], medicine [IMHO] merely masks the symptoms and doesn’t “cure” anything.  

So I’m drinking a cup of green tea with a shot of honey and a splash of almond milk.  If I had some brandy I’d throw it in.  But, I’ve never had any brandy in the house and this doesn’t seem like the time to begin consuming hard liquor.  I’m a firm believer that green tea in the colder months keeps a person healthy.  It’s gotten me through some rough Kentucky winters [yes, I realize Kentucky doesn’t comparatively have rough winters, but I grew up in the desert, therefore to me, these winters are rough].  I will up my consumption of orange juice and Vitamin Water and I will win this fight.  

Meantime, I will enjoy having a sultry voice and look forward to next week’s Thanksgiving break.  And I will be thankful that my current biggest complaint is much/much/much smaller than what many people face.  And, due to the fact that I was awake from 3 am to 5 am this morning, I might [no promises] take some NyQuil before bed and hope the dreams don’t get too outrageous.  

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,
to which indeed you were called in one body.
And be thankful.
Colossians 3:15

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