Every once in a while, a day is out of the ordinary.  Today is such a day for me.  It’s a Tuesday, a normal workday, yet due to a medical appointment for me this morning, and my daughter’s dentist and ortho appointments this afternoon, I decided to utilize a sick day.  

So, after taking my daughter to school, I went to the YMCA.  After 30 lovely minutes there, I headed home for breakfast.  Shortly thereafter, it was time for the above mentioned medical appointment. 

Though I don’t feel extreme detail is necessary, it was time for a mammogram.  Yes, females in the over 40 crowd are suggested to get them.  I am part of this demographic, therefore I did my [to thine own self be true] duty and went in.  There’s a waiting room, then there’s the other [women only] waiting room.  Between the two are the changing areas, where robes are provided, as well as cubbies.  The [women only] waiting room contains a tv, and at 11 in the morning, what else would be playing other than “Kathie Lee and Hoda”?  I overheard [I would have to have been deaf not to] two women in deep conversation about Kathie Lee and Hoda.

“I like Kathie Lee now.  I didn’t before.”

“Hoda was a real journalist.  She covered real stories.  I don’t know why they have her doing this now.” 

 “I never did like Regis.”

Soon, one of them was called back.  After a few minutes in the exam area, she waltzed back through.  No more KL & H comments.  This time:

“Well, that was better than a colonoscopy!”

Then she exited.  This tipped her now lonely convo partner off.  She decided to throw colonoscopies out there for the rest of us.  By this time, I was deep into a new book on my Kindle.  I’m not one to make small talk [especially of the medical nature] in waiting rooms.  Another woman, seemingly wise, told her she’d never had one, but had heard. . . .   and quickly brought the discussion to a close.  Soon after, the wise woman leaned over and asked me about my Kindle, comparing her reader to mine.  Then, I heard my name.  

To all of the women in the waiting area’s credit, a mammogram is daunting.  Not that it’s painful.  But the thought that this is where it begins.  This is where, if there’s a problem, the problem is forever recorded on an x-ray.  There are specially designated parking places out front.  If you’re at Lexington Clinic for any other test or procedure, find a spot in the lot.  If you’re visiting the Breast Care Center, well, convenient parking designated with a pink ribbon painted on each space can be found near the building.  The workers are especially sweet.  Everything hints {this.is.a.big.deal.and.we.want.you.to.be.comfortable}.  So, I’ll give the jabberwockies in the waiting area a break.  

My next activity was locating a mail box.  I had some cards to mail, and figured driving back through downtown, I should sooner or later come across a box.  Well, it seems mailboxes are sparse in Lexington, Kentucky.  After pausing twice [yes, 2 times] on different streets for Fayette County Sheriff Kathy Witt and her entourage to cross the street, I finally got my cards mailed.  

Then, I headed to the Lexington Rescue Mission’s Thrift Store, to drop some items off, and peruse their store.  I ran into a family friend who works there, had a short convo with him, and was especially happy to find all jewelry 50% off.  I’ve been wanting to experiment with some vintage earrings, and now I’ve got some.  Yay.  And a yellow Gap cardigan for spring and summer.  Before leaving I listened to part of the conversation between my above mentioned family friend and a lady who moved here from Iraq.  He was in the Marines, stationed in Iraq.  So, they had quite a lot to talk about.  [Yes, I overhear a lot.  I’m somewhat nosy.  But, for the most part I can’t help it.  Really.]

Before picking up Allie early at school for her afternoon of dental visits, I baked some banana bread.  I’m fantasizing about spreading some Nutella on a slice later tonight.  I’ve never tried this combo, but gosh, it sounds good.  Nutella is new to me, and I continuously wonder, “why did it take me so long to find it?”  Maybe because Kobe Bryant was on the jar for a while. . . .  ?


A cup of vanilla rooibos tea with a splash of almond milk is helping me mark the end of my alone time today.  And I’m thankful for it, and other small things.  Things like sunshine and no.coat.needed in January.  And different sorts of days.

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