Occasionally I’ll listen to a podcast with my husband.  Or something like This American Life on NPR.  Yet, I’m not one to take the time when I’m alone.  Today, when looking at twitter.com, reading through all the tweets posted by those I follow, I came across this:

@EricMetaxas More NPB commentary… http://www.dennyburk.com/eric-metaxas-in-rare-form-at-national-prayer-breakfast-2/

I just began to follow Eric on twitter. . . .  yesterday.  I knew his work as an author because I read Amazing Grace.  I’d also recently heard he wrote another book on the life of Bonhoeffer.  We’ve discussed this info at work a few times, and I know Eric recently gave a talk in Lexington.

I didn’t know Eric was chosen to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast.  When I clicked on the above link I saw on twitter, I came across his speech.  And unlike my usual pattern, I took the time to listen to the entire thing.  Plus President Obama’s words.

To sum up, it takes me back to risk, my word for 2012.  If you know anything about Bonhoeffer, you probably know he risked everything.  If you don’t know anything about Bonhoeffer, I suppose you should obtain a copy of the above referenced book.  I most likely will.  William Willberforce, the subject of Amazing Grace risked a lot.  

Last night my daughter and I watched The Help.  We both read the book, and looked forward to the movie.  I consider what those women risked.  Yes, I know it’s fiction, but friends, it’s historical fiction, so it could have happened.  

A gamble.  Putting yourself out there.  Not just yourself, but your family.  Your livelihood.  Your future.  Your hope of working, earning an income, providing for your needs.  Your physical self.  The dangers.  

Am I being a bit melodramatic?  Possibly.  But I so enjoy history lessons.  I so love hearing about people and situations and those that overcome.  People who truly made a difference.  Just imagine some kid reading about your life, 50 or 100 years from now.  

She helped stop human trafficking.  

Abortion is no longer an option thanks to his work. 

Every child in the country is given an equal education, thanks to her. 

Homelessness doesn’t exist in our city, because a few people did something.

So happy birthday Dietrich Bonhoeffer [February 4, 1906 – April 9, 1945] .  Thanks for your inspiration.

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