[ashes and first Sunday]

Wednesday morning Chip, Allie and I attended the Imposition of Ashes, Holy Eucharist Rite II service at Christ Church Cathedral.  This was my first Ash Wednesday service.

My thoughts:

  • It’s interesting to think about people all over the world, sharing in the Eucharist  and having the ashes placed on their heads.  We shared in something thousands and thousands of others participated in.  [please click on the link above  if you don’t know what {Eucharist} means; trust me, you aren’t alone]
  • As the priest placed ashes on each person’s forehead, she stated, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” What a perspective. . . .  

This morning, Chip and I went to the 8:30 a.m. service at Christ Church.  Today marks the first Sunday in Lent.  If you read my previous entry, {my lenten experiment}, you know what I’m up to.  Honestly, I enjoyed the service.  While I’m coming into this with minimal (that’s an understatement) experience, I’m finding it to be refreshing, enlightening, and so far, just what I’d hoped for.  

Today’s service:

  • Focused on this season {Lent}, and I like the self preparedness aspect of getting ready to celebrate Easter.
  • Included [The Peace], in which the congregants greet each other by saying “Peace” or “Peace to you” or [I think you get it, something regarding peace].  I’m finding through my working through The Book of Common Prayer, these types of Christians are big on peace.  I am too, so I suppose we’re kindred spirits in that. 
  • Utilized a prayer for peace during the [Prayers of the People].  The Presider prayed for war to end.  I like that.  Instead of “Hey, let’s pray the enemy gets their due. . .  ” Or, instead of a bunch of [warrior.battle.let’sfight] language, there was a focus on peace.  
  • Featured some Bach music on the organ.  I must admit I like sitting in a couple hundred year old cathedral, with stained glass windows, listening to classical church music.  
All in all, my season of lent is off to a good start.  I’m excited and I’m feeling exposed.  Exposed to God and allowing Him in, so to speak.  I’m realizing how very, very little I am.  And how much I need quiet and perspective and freedom from even the things we who call ourselves Christ followers deem as good.  

Happy 1st Sunday of Lent.  

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