When you have teenagers [which we do], you can’t bank on how the dinner conversation will go.  Often it’s something like this…

parent: How was your day?
kid #1:  Fine.
parent:  [to kid #2]  How was your day?
kid #2:  Fine.
parent:  What’d ya do at school today?
kid # 1 and #2:  [in unison]  Nothing.

Other times, one can obtain more information from their offspring.  For example, after taking an important test, or after a field trip, or a day when they particularly like what’s served for dinner.  But…I’ve found teenagers are much more likely to open up, so to speak, when you’re one-on-on with them.  Dinnertime with the family is not when they usually want to talk. 

Well….Monday night was different.  Our family of four hit on world, local, and personal events: 

I brought up the KONY2012 video and the situation Jason Russell now finds himself in.  Passionate dialogue ensued.  [If, by chance, you do not know the circumstances surrounding Jason Russell, I suggest you do what I always suggest people do when they don’t know something:  GOOGLE it.] 

A teenager was shot and killed Sunday afternoon.  Right here in our town.  Not your everyday occurrence in Lexington, Kentucky.  Apparently he was fairly well known at both of our kids’ schools.  Meaning there was plenty of chatter and remembrance and the other stuff kids do when faced with this type of tragedy

Husband Chip has decided to read The Hunger Games.  Our kids say it’s too trendy and/or popular and refuse to read it.  I guess they don’t want to participate in {what everybody else is doing}. 

Daughter Allie is in a relationship.  That’s what Facebook has told us.  So, of course, we had to ask her about this [relationship].  It involves a boy.  Who seems like a decent kid.  Who plays the drums.  Who has a twin.  
Allie just returned from a school trip to Washington DC.  We chatted a bit about it.

So I suppose we covered love and war and current events and popular literature, and possibly a few other things.  All while eating macaroni and cheese.  Plus fruit salad.  

Tonight [Wednesday] we enjoyed another meal together around the table.  Strangely, more conversation ensued.  Jamie still won’t read The Hunger Games.  Allie is still in a relationship.  And we even talked about their school days.  Which, ironically, did involve some [nothingness].  

After dinner, Chip and I commented to each other that we really never know how the dinner talk will go.  More times than not, it’s:

parent: How was your day?
kid #1:  Fine.
parent:  [to kid #2]  How was your day?
kid #2:  Fine.
parent:  What’d ya do at school today?
kid # 1 and #2:  [in unison]  Nothing.

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