the failure of hopes or expectations to manifest

The hardest part about parenting is the disappointment.  One of the hardest parts of wifing [I think I just created a new word] is dealing with the disappointments.  I’m not writing of the disappointment caused by our children or spouse, but walking through the disappointment they face, with them.

The outsiders don’t see it like we do.  Sure, a teacher knows and to an extent understands the feelings of a young man who doesn’t make the team, so to speak.  A co-worker can lament the struggles one faces at work.  But no one sees or comprehends the depth of what a loved one goes through like an emotionally engaged mother and spouse. 

And often that’s the biggest source of frustration for me.  The questions.  Why didn’t a situation work out?  Why are we here and not there?  Is it wrong for us to be cynical about a group instead of accepting?  Questions based on disappointment.

Perhaps God’s will. 
Perhaps not.  
Maybe our own ridiculous mistakes or issues. 
Maybe someone else’s own ridiculous mistakes or issues.

At times it can seem so overwhelming.  Maybe not just seem, but actually be overwhelming.

Earlier today I posted this song, because it captures, in lyrics and music, how I feel today:

A Place Only You Can Go

Maybe tomorrow hopes and expectations will successfully manifest.  Until then, I’ll keep listening to the above song……..

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