happy record store day!

My mother proposed marriage to my father in a car, in front of the record store his parents owned.  The record store was in a little town called Pawhuska that was part of various Oklahoma oil booms through the years.  If you like The Pioneer Woman, which I really hope you do [because she’s great], it’s the town in which she grocery shops and attends church, today.  Albeit, a bit different, as the oil boom days have come and gone and come and gone yet again.  Pawhuska is the county seat of Osage County, which is entirely an Indian reservation. Just a bit of trivia.  I like trivia.  It’s trivial, but it makes the world go ’round.

So, whether you give a flying rat’s booty that it’s Record Store Day, or not, I wish you a happy one, nonetheless.  My son has a record player, and like any musician worth his/her salt, knows vinyl trumps all other forms. 

Incidently, since I’m in a nostalgic mood, I’ll share another bit of trivia.  My grandma ended up with a garage full of old records, due to the closure of the store.  What I wouldn’t give for them today, but alas, I believe they’re gone. . . .    And she is too.  Anyway, my fav of all the records I played there as a child was this 45:

The Night They Drove ‘Ole Dixie Down.  This song was recorded by The Band.  One of their members, Levon Helm, died the day before yesterday.  He didn’t live to see Record Store Day 2012.  How terribly sad. As a child, I didn’t comprehend much about what the lyrics meant, and I confess I’m not one of those “the South will rise again” types.  I think I just liked the “Na, na, nas.”

Back to the beginning of this entry. . . .
Yes, my mother proposed to my father.  He was shy and apparently she decided she better be the one to say the words.  Thankfully, Dad said “I will”.  Actually, I’m not sure of his exact words, as it occurred four years prior to my birth.  But, they’ve been married 47 years.  So, in honor of the fact my parents began their committed life together in 1964 in front of a record store at the exact moment some person could have been inside purchasing their first Beatles record is, shall I say, a cheery thought.  And who doesn’t need more cheery thoughts?

Happy Record Store Day to you!

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