surreal kinda day


I gave a drunk woman a ride.  She flagged me down in my work parking lot.  She said she’d had hip surgery and couldn’t walk the few blocks home.  I asked a coworker to ride along.  She smelled of alcohol.

A young man was shot across the street from our home.  He died shortly after at the hospital.  My son walked home from the bus stop to a crime scene.

My daughter’s jazz band had a concert.  She was also asked to accompany the orchestra on the drum set while they played a Queen medley.  Very, very odd, is all I can say.  Mind you, I believe my daughter is a talented percussionist.

My son received a call last night.  He has been accepted into the Governor’s School for the Arts.  A dream fulfilled.  Pay off to hours of practicing.  Scholarship opportunities.  Much happiness.

A surreal kind of day.  Thank goodness we’re camping this weekend………

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