song of the week

I decided to pick out a cd for the week.  On Monday, I asked my son James if I could borrow a Gungor cd, and he suggested {Beautiful Things}.  My thoughts in doing this:

  • I spend a while in the car each day, why not listen to something uplifting?
  • Gungor albums are thematic, which I like
  • Gungor is made up of excellent musicians
  • I can listen to listen to the cd while I work [my children will question whether I’m technologically capable of this, and YES KIDS, I am]
  • I try to spend my morning commute in communion with God, and maybe it’s time I changed up this time a bit
  • Repeating something is a form of discipline
So, I’m in the process of listening to {Beautiful Things}, over and over.  Some might get bored, or gasp at the repetitiveness of this, but it’s been refreshing.  My current fav worship tune is the title song,  [Beautiful Things].  I think it has been since last August.  Lately though, the words seem especially appropriate.  I seem to be in a “He makes all things new” phase.  Plus I really like the chord progression. 
Life is changing.  I’m looking at having two kids in high school this fall.  One has a school year left, then he’s in college.  Our family’s life looks different than it did a year ago, and one year ago looked different from two years ago.  Transition after transition. 

I’d like to share another song with you, if I might.  It’s #9 on the album, and it’s quickly moving up on my likeability scale.  I’m referring to it as my song of the week.  Despite that it’s now 2 years old.  It seemed to hit home.  
Here are the lyrics:
I’ve tried to stand my ground
I’ve tried to understand
but I can’t seem to find my way

like water on the sand
or grasping at the wind
I keep on falling short

please be my strength
please be my strenth
I don’t have anymore
I don’t have anymore

I’m looking for a place
that I can plant my faith
one thing I know for sure

I cannot create it
I cannot sustain it
It’s Your love that’s keeping (captured) me

Please be my strength…

at my final breath
I hope that I can say
I’ve fought the good fight of faith

I pray your glory shines
through this doubting heart of mine
so my world would know that You

You are my strength
You and You alone
You and You alone
Keep bringin me back home

Now go listen to the song.  I think you’ll like it.

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