my kids are the best

I don’t do a lot of bragging on my kids, but it’s Mother’s Day.  If there’s ever a day when a mom’s bragging should be allowed, it’s today.  So, here goes……

My son James was awarded the Junior Class Music Student of the Year Award this week.

Daughter Al was awarded Band Student of the Year at her middle school, and her band director shared some kind words about her character.

Yesterday Al spent the better part of her day volunteering at a fundraising event for my workplace.  James spent most of that time practicing guitar.

Needless to say, I’m proud of their accomplishments.  And I’m glad they make me laugh.

My son is an honors Spanish student.  I’m sure you can tell by the above message.
He’s also a bit of a smart mouth, yet overall, great kid.
And I am proud of you, James!

From The Girl, aka Allie.  I will hold her to this promise.  Guaranteed.
Thanks to my sweet husband Chip and our lovely children for a nice dinner [I had the tofu po boy] at Windy Corner Market.  Their fried pickles are amazing.  And who knew our next door neighbor works there?  We’re hoping she’ll bring us home some of the above mentioned pickles once in a while……..  Or a Bourbon Ball Sundae to help me get through the above mentioned adolescent years.
If you’re a mom, Happy Mum’s Day [we like to speak like the Brits around here, when we’re not utilizing our espanol].  If you’re not a mom, I hope you wished yours a happy day.  Moms like that sort of thing.

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