If I Am What I Eat

I just returned from a doctor appointment.  I won’t give you the nitty gritty details, but after doing a bit of research online [yes, I realize that researching one’s medical ailments via the internet can be a harrowing experience], I’ve come to the conclusion my medical impairment could have possibly been avoided if I was eating in a more healthful fashion.

Yes, I’ve avoided meat for nearly two years.  But I haven’t said no to processed foods.  And I’m beginning to believe they’re taking a toll.  It’s not that I eat tons of boxed mac and cheese or 48 frozen cheese pizzas a week.  It’s simply that I’m noticing I’m not familiar with some of the ingredients printed on some of the items I place in my system.

So I’ve decided that come July 1, 2012, I’m giving up on processed crapola.  No more food from a box if there are items listed in the ingredients that I cannot identify.  No microwave frozen meals.  I want to abstain from chemicals.

I’m guessing those that already refer to me as a hippy, will be even more inclined to do so…….

I’m also considering not eating in fast food establishments any longer.  For one, there’s not much to eat at these places if you don’t eat meat.  I don’t often patronize fast food eateries, but at times, I do.  Most offer salads, right?  Yet, they are known for purchasing from those that are the very core of our current American food problems.  Have you read Fast Food Nation?  I’m embarrassed to say I have, yet have since paid for food and drink at these establishments.  I think, I should in good conscience, stop.

Since my meat divorce, people often ask why I don’t eat meat.  Or they make smart remarks, implying I’m a little odd.  I, at times, want to ask these folks why they’re comfortable gnawing on the flesh of a once living creature.  Or, a random question like, “Why are you wearing that shirt?”  Or “Why do you drive the car you drive?”  Why do I need to explain myself, because I’ve chosen to do something they haven’t?

I filled out a packet of information for my son, who’ll be attending Governor’s School for the Arts this summer.  They classify being a vegetarian as a dietary restriction.  Interesting.   Lest you think I feel people should go out of their way for me, or my vegetarian children, I don’t.  Yet I wonder why Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is considered so outrageous, and I definitely don’t understand why my son’s high school doesn’t offer a salad bar. 

Alright, I realize I’m getting defensive and maybe preachy, so I’ll get back to my original point:  As of July 1, no more processed food.  Goodbye chemicals and cardboard.  Anyone with me?

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