stop looking at our girl!!!

My daughter Allie and I went to the Ichthus music festival last Saturday.  We’ve been before.  We’ve made some great family memories there.  But this year was different.  Allie’s brother James [aka my son] is at Governor’s School for the Arts, so he wasn’t available.  Allie’s dad [aka my husband/lover/best friend] worked an Ichthus booth for his workplace, therefore wasn’t available to hang out with us.  So… was she and me [I know that’s not grammatically correct, but it rhymes, so bear with me].

The one group we wanted to make sure we saw on Saturday is not famous, but a somewhat local group we saw last year, the Abe Parker Band.  We actually know a couple of their members from a past church experience, and happily ran into one – their drummer while strolling the Ichthus grounds.  We chatted, assured him we’d see them perform in a while, and headed on our way. 

During their performance, they did a song entitled “Little Sister“, which of course, made Allie and I miss James even more.  Before beginning the song, Abe discussed how he’s a big brother, and he wrote the song for his sister.  He talked about how big brothers are protective of their sisters. 

My son is a peace lover.  I cannot imagine him ever getting into a fist fight.  He’s not a bully or a mean kid or the type of person to scrap it up with anyone.  He’s the kid who, as little league catcher, heavily guarded home plate, knocked a runner down, then offered him a hand to help him up. 

Yet once when a boy at church hugged Allie, he gave the kid a look that said, “Get the *&%$ away from my sister, you *&^%$#!”  It was reassuring to note, that no matter how much he and his sister bicker, nobody better mess with her, or he would.

Therefore, the above mentioned song was a special treat.

“I’m always your big brother, you’re  always my sunshine.”  ♪♪♫♪

On another note…….

Allie and I walked across a Kroger parking lot earlier this week.  So did a teenage boy.  He looked at her, and kept looking.  Longer than comfortable for me.  I don’t know if she even noticed.  He was not like the boys she just graduated middle school with.  He was older, muscular, high school football player type material.  He had the look of a kid who drinks a few beers with his friends on Friday nights.  He seemed tough.  He seemed mature in a worldly way.  I could go on….. 

Yes, I realize this is a lot to assume from a glance at someone from across a parking lot, but…. I’m a mom and I want to protect my daughter and I’m simply not ready for this growing up stuff. 

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