This afternoon we left our boy in Cincinnati, a much.much.much larger city than our town of Lexington.  He’s spending a week at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

As of today, there’s a possibility he might want to attend college there, on the University of Cincinnati campus.  Again, Cincinnati is a much.much.much bigger city than ours.

It hit me as we drove back into Lexington.  I’ve heard people mention how big they feel Lexington is.  Especially if they’re from a small town.  But really, it’s not a big city.  A big town, maybe.

It’s hard to leave your kids somewhere.  I think it’s different when they get on a bus and ride away.  Like on a school trip.  They’re with familiar people.  But saying good-bye, jumping in the car, and leaving your child in a place far away is unnerving.

A year from now, he’ll be preparing for his first semester in college.  He might be attending the University of Kentucky, which is a few miles south of our home.  Which means he could still sleep here [as in home], or at least eat here occasionally, and of course, do his laundry here [or have his dad do his laundry here].  But a year from now, he could possibly be preparing for a move to the big city.  Maybe not Cincinnati, but another one.  A scenario where we’ll drive him and leave him and maybe not see him for weeks.

While walking about the campus today, I asked daughter Allie if she thinks she’d like to attend the University of Cincinnati.  She liked the large campus feel, but believes it’s too close to home.  Later in the evening, Allie told me she’d like to attend college in another country.  Preferably England.  [In case you didn’t know, that’s a long way from our home.]

I’m hoping this England thing is a phase [see previous entry].  I recommended she consider college in Canada.  It’s another country, and……I figure we can at least drive there.

These days are difficult for a mother.  I liked that year when the kids were in 5th and 2nd grade.

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