the weather

I titled my blog, “Once Upon a Sunny Day”.  There’s a reason for that, and honestly it doesn’t have that much to do with weather.  It’s another story.  For another day.  Maybe. 

But today, I want to write about the weather.  The weather can be a royal pain.  Like this crazy hurricane named Isaac.  Isaac has ruined our family’s Labor Day weekend camping plans.  And not to be petty, Isaac has done much, much worse to others along the Gulf Shore, flooding homes and bringing destruction.  We’ll most likely have a fine weekend.  Many people won’t, due to the storm.

I came across this today:

which is kind of like the title of my blog.

The truth is you can’t change the weather.  Sure, some of you reading this will think, “Oh, but you can pray, and God has the power to change it.”  And I’d reply back, “Sure.  He can change the weather.  But while you’re praying the rain stops, a farmer might be praying the rain continues.  Or vise versa.”  There is nothing I can do in my own power to change the weather.  Absolutely nothing.  The remains of Hurricane Isaac are coming whether I like it or not.  I can literally see the clouds out the window.

There are times when I know a rainy day is coming.  I can see the clouds, feel the humidity.  It works in the figurative as well.  Sometimes I get down.  Sometimes I don’t know why; sometimes I do know why. 

I’m guessing we all have loved ones and friends and co-workers and neighbors and people we come across at Kroger who struggle with feeling down and depressed and anxious and countless other things, not just because [they haven’t handed it over, so to speak] but because they’re ill.  They simply can’t help it.  Just like I can’t help the monthly migraine I seem to now get.  I can medicate.  I can up the caffeine intake.  But,, the migraine is still there, ever so present.  I can only hope to mask it; I can dull the pain, but not eliminate the source.

I’m coming to realize more and more some people can’t just [suck it up and move on].  I used to be a [get over it, man!] kind of girl.  Now I realize many have burdens to bear that won’t be lifted today.  It doesn’t mean God can’t.  It doesn’t mean God won’t.  But, like I can’t control the weather, I can’t control God.  He’s not a pill to take when my head hurts.  And that’s hard to grasp and hard to understand.  Yet, in a way it’s really not.

I’m sad that our camping trip won’t happen.  I’m sad that:

check out the link

Especially when the people are people I love and care for.  So, no camping this weekend.  I suppose I’ll stay home and make some jewelry and hang up the curtains my mom sewed for me, and read the issue of House Beautiful magazine that I can’t remember if I’ve read before.  Soon the weather will be sunny again.

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