thanks and/or muchas gracias

I’ve noticed people on Facebook mentioning one thing each day they’re thankful for.  It’s a nice gesture and reminder.  It’s the time of year when we focus on thankfulness.  I happen to prefer the Thanksgiving holiday over many of the others.  It’s simple.  It revolves around a meal.  The color scheme is earthy.  What’s not to like?

This year I’m trying to be less general with my thankfulness, and really focus.  In other words, I’m trying to not just list out names and things.
For example:  husband, kids, house, cars, food, job
Yes, I’m thankful for those things.  But why?
Sure, it’s nice to have a husband.  But what about him am I particularly thankful for right now?
My kids, sure they’re great.  But what hits me right now, today, about them that makes me grateful they’re in my life?
Get the idea?

My husband
Chip has taken an extremely focused approach to helping our son pick out a college.  Chip has emailed university professors, attended open houses, and arranged his schedule in order to assist Jamie as much as possible.  Because Jamie’s college major will be very specific, not every school offers what he needs.  Chip has investigated options and walked along with Jamie the whole way.  I’m glad they’ve had the experience together.  I’m glad Chip has kept up with it all.  It would probably be overwhelming for Jamie to do alone.  Tomorrow they head to the University of Louisville to meet with a classical guitar professor, as well as a jazz professor also.  No matter how it ends up, I’m so happy they will share the time.

My son
I’m thankful my son is who he is.  In other words, he’s comfortable with himself and confident in his abilities.  There are people much older who are not.  They pretend to be something or someone they are not.  He is who he is.  He’s not a faker.  He’s his own person.  He has some interesting habits and points of view and ways of doing things. I’m thankful for his uniqueness.

My daughter
My daughter has the strongest will of anyone I’ve ever been close to.  And I wouldn’t trade that quality in her.  She can take charge and she can get things done.  She is stubborn and unrelenting.  And I believe these qualities will take her far.  She might hack a few people off along the way, but she wants the world to be fair and don’t we need more people like that?

I’m thankful for today because this is the last Thanksgiving before the homecomings begin.  Next year Jamie will return home for holidays.  The following year Allie hopes to be in England, where I doubt Thanksgiving is celebrated.  I’m thankful for a few days away with my husband and kids.  I’m thankful I’ll get to see my grandmother, because she is 87 and has dementia and you never know when the end will come.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to visit with my mother and father, sister and family.  I’m thankful for time to read in the car, laugh at our beagle, and eat my mom’s German chocolate pie.

I’m thankful that God is faithful.  It’s one of my favorite characteristics of God.  Whether I have health insurance, whether I live on the south side of town or the north, whether I’m afraid or sad or happy, God is the same.  He’s faithful and that’s a pretty cool concept in a world where most things are 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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