First of all, happy Groundhog Day!  If you’re a believer in a groundhog predicting our future weather, may the odds be {ever} in your favor.

Secondly, and more importantly, happy 18th birthday to my first born, Jamie!  I cannot believe he is now a legal adult.  That is way too crazy to comprehend.  But, mathematically it is so:


Thirdly, today is an eventful day.  Not simply because it’s a minor holiday or even because it’s Jamie’s 18th birthday.  Today Jamie and his dad will traverse to the University of Louisville for his auditions into their music department.  Specifically, he’ll be auditioning on classical guitar and jazz guitar.

We will celebrate tonight upon his return.  We will celebrate tomorrow with an enchilada fiesta.

Today though, today will be a long day.  A good day, but a long day.

I read recently,

“The days are long, but the years are short.” 

Oh, the truth in that statement.  Eighteen years can fly.

An infant, then a toddler, then a kid who can actually swim across a pool. 

He plays basketball.  He plays street hockey out front.  He knows every Russian player in the NHL by name. 

Then a fourth grader then a baseball catcher, and a kid who can play piano pretty well. He decides to try percussion, you realize he’s pretty good, he can make a full meal for the family. 

You miss the bike rides and the magic shows and the comic strips he created.  There was the long hair phase and the percussion ensemble phase when he watched youtube snare drummers for hours on end.  You realize he has the self initiative to learn Chopin on the piano and think he might end up living in a Spanish speaking country. 

AP tests happen and he passes.  College looms ahead.  Good bye marching band, the years of drumming are drawing to a close.  A serious guitar student.  A call on a Thursday saying he’d made Governor’s School for the Arts.  Meetings with professors and professionals and a week in Cincinnati at a conservatory.  Taking the ACT, retaking the ACT, retaking the ACT and BOOM!  Good enough.  Pomp and Circumstance in May gets closer.  A college decision will be made before that.  Life moves faster and faster.

Yes today will be a long day.  A nerve wracking day for the birthday young man.  And for the rest of us, because alas, not only is our James headed to his most important auditions to date, the weather is inclement.  It’s snowing here, in Louisville, and in between.  All this makes it a day we’ll never completely forget.  Then tomorrow, fun with the family, followed by a Super Bowl we don’t care so much about. If you do, again, may the odds be……

We’ll wake up Monday, get ready for school and work, with three adults now living in the house.  Mondays are generally long days.  But gosh, the years are short and few.

Happy 02.02.  Happy Groundhog Day!  Happy birthday to our James {best.son.ever}.

A boy and his guitar.

Jamie loves a cardigan.

Jamie looking tough, or at least trying to.

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