thank you, but what about this?

Up at 4:30am; awake since around 3:00.  That’s my early Wednesday saga.  Thoughts going through my head.  Work stuff, kid stuff.  I just sent emailed myself a to-do list.

I should probably try reading instead of staring at this screen.  The light doesn’t help my insomnia.

I’m fortunate in that I generally don’t struggle with sleep problems.  My husband does, and it’s not something I’m envious about.  He has great hair, of which I am envious.  He’s a logical thinker; I am often not and again, I am sometimes a tad jealous of this fact.  But he can’t sleep as well as I can, so I guess in that category I win.

Yet alas, this early morning, I do not.  It’s most likely a tie, because I know he was up earlier in the night.

This is the week in which some days have a name.  Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday.  The week is labeled Holy Week, as you most likely know.  On Sunday, I’ll wrap up my focus on gratefulness.  It’s been a good time, and since I’m a decent person, I’ll continue to be grateful.  Or at least try.

I’ve had many reminders during Lent regarding thankfulness.  People and things I am grateful for.  Yet, there have been so many questions.  Questions I thought I’d figured out the answer to.  Things I thought I could explain, yet I realize, more than ever, I simply just don’t know and might never.

So, I’m grateful too, for the questions.  And I am more unsure than ever why some are so afraid to ask them.  They seem so sure everything can be neatly packaged, written about and sold at LifeWay Christian Stores.

Sometimes I actually wish I was more dogmatic, more of a fundamentalist.  It seems easier.  Easier not to question, just blindly believe.  Perhaps there’s a sense of freedom for those who offer themselves little or none.

I prefer to think God can handle the questions though.  After all, he did give me an inquisitive mind, right?  So I’ll thank him for my middle aged brain, and my husband’s logical one, and my teenagers’ minds because they are so curious and challenging.  Which I’m happy about.  Yet frazzled because there is so much we just don’t comprehend.  And what do you tell them?  Google the answers to the universe?  That doesn’t work so well for things that cannot be proven as fact.  So we discuss them, sometimes heatedly, at the dinner table.  And that often brings up more questions.

Maybe that’s part of the joy of Easter.  Knowing we don’t have to have it all figured out.  Knowing we don’t have to know the details and the answers and why dreams don’t always come true.  I will try my best to focus on redemption and reconciliation, which to me is what this week is all about.    And what I am most thankful for.

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