There are train tracks beyond our back fence.  I remember getting the scoop regarding the train before we moved into our house.  The previous owner who is also our current next door neighbor told us……….  

The train only comes by once a day, usually around eleven o’clock in the morning, and it moves very slow.  

In other words, no biggie; it won’t keep you up at night or scare the begeebers out of you.

And that was the case for just about two years.  Then the train schedule changed.

I know work is being done on the tracks near our home.  I know I’ve seen train cars with the RJ Corman logo going by and I’ve assumed this is temporary, only happening while the repairs are being made.  I’m hoping the train schedule will return to normal soon.  The new schedule makes our beagle howl.  She gets fired up every time she hears the train coming.  The new schedule means the train sometimes goes by at odd hours, not just at eleven o’clock.  

I’ve learned that other situations in life are similar to my local train route.  You start out with the schedule.  A plan is in place, a route map so to speak.  You know what to expect, where you’re going, who’s along for the ride.  Then, out of the blue, sometimes without warning, the train changes its route.  The husband’s job changes or someone becomes ill.  The dream doesn’t end up coming true.  The goal cannot be obtained.  You realize a person you trusted is not who you thought he was.  The money is simply not available.  Their priorities change.  The decision makers have had a change of heart.  You were once happy, but just can’t find the joy anymore.

Off track.  It’s a cliche term.  Maybe there really is no track.  I realize that often life does not go as planned.  Sometimes it doesn’t go as anyone would ever plan, because who in the world would ask for this?  Honestly, sometimes I look at people whom we admire, those who seem to have it all together and are extremely successful, and I wonder…….  Perhaps they are not truly on the right track.  We deem success equals the right plan.  I’m not sure how that equates with martyrdom.  So maybe the pseudo successful just make a good appearance. 

Or maybe I just haven’t come to appreciate how to keep the train on schedule, metaphorically.  I’d really like to figure it out. 

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