Flapjack Friday

I make breakfast for my family every Friday.  For the longest time, I made pancakes.  So we began calling the occasion Flapjack Friday.  Then my son said he was growing a bit tired of pancakes and it would be nice to expand my horizons, so to speak.  So, I’ve started to vary a bit.  Nothing too exciting.  Sometimes French toast.  Sometimes waffles.  Breakfast burritos, maybe.  But generally, it’s pancakes.

So, I wish you happy Flapjack Friday!  In the spirit of Friday, the best day of the work week, I’ve decided to try something new on my blog.  Sort of a Friday Faves type thing.  My husband kindly recommended something of this nature.  So, here goes.

My newest favorite to follow is:


I realize you won’t care so much for him if you don’t live in Kentucky.  I do, so I do.  He’s an amateur Kentucky historian, he sends out witty tweets, plus he seems to be of the same political persuasion as me.  Which I won’t go into, because I don’t like to go into it.

Highlight of the week:
Beating my son, the classical musician, in a game we greatly enjoy:  Name the Composer.  We end up in the car together every Monday night so we listen to Performance Today on WEKU (one of our local NPR stations).  While listening, if we haven’t heard the DJ announce the composer, we guess.  This week, I chose Chopin, and low and behold, it was.  I will preface it by saying Jamie tipped me off to Chopin by telling me Chopin wrote many waltzes.  I knew the song was in 3/4, which if you’re not familiar with music…..waltzes are in 3/4.  So, before putting in his guess, he basically gave me the answer.  But I won.  I actually won.  Yeah me.   I’m still waiting for him to present me with a trophy.

Strangest issue facing the church today:
Pastors who can’t shut up about their smokin’ hot wives
Honestly, I hate the term “hot” as an adjective to describe women.  Please, if you find a woman attractive, call her pretty or lovely or beautiful.  Better yet, if you’re a pastor, don’t talk about your wife’s looks publicly.  It has nothing to do with the spiritual health of your congregation.  You’re only trying to help yourself feel more manly.  It’s not working….for any of us.  So, just shut up and preach or counsel or do what pastors are supposed to do.

Confession of the week:

I’ve started eating more tofu.  Does that make me weird?  I don’t know, but it does insure I get enough protein.

Book of the week:

I’m reading O Pioneers! by Willa Cather.  It was a free classic Kindle download.  Who needs James Patterson?  Willa’s got it going on.

Pinterest quote of the week:

So true.

Difficulty of the week:
My dad, who lives in Oklahoma, had knee surgery on Monday and will hopefully be released from the hospital today.  I wish I was closer so I could visit.  His orthopedic doctor, Dr. Smith, is Ree Drummond’s dad [aka The Pioneer Woman], so whether or not it means anything, I feel like he’s in good hands.  I honestly think if she knew me, she’d be my friend. 

And finally, here’s a prayer for the week regarding our neighbors.  Incidentally, we met one of our new neighbors yesterday.  He seems like a nice guy.  Which is good, because life is always interesting on Loudon Avenue.

Lord, help us to see that our well-being is inextricably bound to the well-being of our neighbor. Our sorrows are shared. Our longings are shared. Our fears are shared. Enable us also to share compassion, patience, and courage today. Amen.

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