Welcome to a New {Upon a Sunny} Day

I have changed.  In many ways.  You might notice, I have switched blog platforms.  I am now part of the WordPress blogosphere.  As in good-bye Blogger.

In other news, my children are done with school band.  It’s been seven years of percussion.  At one point I thought my son might perhaps become a Bluecoat and my daughter the next Meg White.  But alas, that is not to be.  And I’m glad because they’ve moved on to another season, full of good things.  While there have been some good memories and highlights and moments when I was a very proud mother.of.a.drummer, I’m quite content to begin anew.

A few shorts months from now, my son will head to the University of Louisville and my daughter will begin a high school year of preparedness for studying abroad.  Life is changing.  Oh, and my daughter has started soccer conditioning with her school team.  A definite new opportunity we have yet to experience.

My husband and I are getting older.  We’re mid-forties now, and gosh while that sounds old, I finally feel like we know more than a little about life.  We’ve successfully guided our son towards a sunny future.  Yay for us!  And again, I welcome the change.  We’ve actually begun talking about where we’ll end up once our kids are fully grown.

I’m coming to realize a few things about myself.  For one, I am not going to become the most successful seller on Etsy.  In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever post anything on my store.  While I’m crafty and enjoy it, I frankly don’t have the time or patience to make it work.  So I’m allowing myself, without shame {thank you Brene Brown} to say good-bye to the crafter.by.trade scene.

I’m also not going to become a world class gardener.  Or even a successful urban vegetable grower.  {I am truly sorry, Wendell Berry}  Again, I don’t have the patience, skill or time to cultivate a garden.  While I did alright with this in the past, I’ve come to realize my new yard is just not conducive and the Lexington farmer’s market scene is vibrant.  There’s no need to knock myself out.  This year I’m going to plant some resilient flowers {I actually love geraniums} and one cherry tomato plant my husband’s kind coworker gave me.

You might also notice, though I won’t be hurt if you didn’t, I’ve removed the word [ONCE] from my blog title.  I’m going with Upon……  from now on.  I like it.  It’s similar to that feeling you get right after a hair cut.  I will continue to modify the look of things.  I’m not completely comfortable with the whole WordPress deal yet.  I’ll most likely switch my background.  I’ll make it spiffy and to my liking.  Until then, I wanted to at least post something, to let you know it’s a new day.  Actually, a new {Upon a Sunny} Day.

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