Flapjack Friday Faves [05.10]

It’s Mother’s Day weekend.  If you’re a mom, I wish you a happy one.

Here are some highlights of the week, centered around motherhood.  Click on the highlighted links.

The 30 Best Places in the World to be a Mother

Note the US was not #1.  Or #2 or #3………..

What’s the Most Meaningful Gift Your Mom Gave You?

Incidentally, they did not ask me to contribute to the book, but had they, this would be my input:

  • A few years back my mother gave me a book of family tree information.  Much of it she had researched and the rest she combined from others.  It is very interesting
  • Although not a material gift, my mother was faithful to take my sister and I to the public library when we were children.  She read to us often.  Consequently, I did the same with my children when they were young.  Both of them are now avid readers.  When my daughter was in elementary and middle school it was rare for her to jump in the car without a book, even if we were only driving a short distance to the grocery store.  My son received a near perfect score on the reading portion of the ACT.  I don’t say that to brag, but to exemplify the power in bestowing a love of books.

For all of us moms who were once girls, pushed, usually by our own selves, to achieve and accomplish, here’s a good article.  It’s hard to explain to a teenage daughter why you, a college educated female who for a short while pursued an MBA, are not mega successful in a business-y sort of way.  But someday, someday she’ll either get it because she’s lived it, or the world will have changed.

From Mother to Daughter on ‘Having it All’

I miss Erma Bombeck.

“When your mother asks, “Do you want a piece of advice?” it’s a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway.”
Erma Bombeck

And lastly, The Great Gatsby movie is released today!  My family plans to see it on Sunday, so it’s a Mother’s Day gift to me of sorts. I came across this post regarding the production and costume design of the film.

C Martin

Catherine Martin Interview

Here’s a brief Gatsby quiz.  Play if you dare.

  • What city does Daisy hail from [as in grew up in]?
  • What color is the light on Daisy’s dock?
  • What color is Gatsby’s car?
  • What sport does Jordan play?

Happy weekend, friends!

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