Flapjack Friday Faves [05.17]

Happy Flapjack Friday, or today in our home, it was Happy French Toast Friday, although no one seemed too happy [go figure].  Summer is right around the corner, though [hallelujah].

she&himShe & Him Volume 3 is out.  I’d like to tell you this is what the cool moms are listening to, but I guess that depends on your definition of [cool moms].  I’ll leave it with……  I like She & Him so I’m happy.  I especially like “London” because it features piano and my daughter absolutely loves everything London, so in effect, it draws me closer to my second born.

I posted something about this book on a previous FFF, but this is interesting, especially if you fancy yourself a writer.

Daily Rituals of Famous Authors

According to my local library, the average American checks 8 books out a year.  I currently am on the wait list for 4 books, and am reading 2.  It’s nice to be above average in something…….

Keeping on this theme, here are some books I look forward to reading this summer:



Z:  A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald


I Thought It Was Just Me

I thought it was just me

and…… VB6


I also recently ordered this book for my family to work through this summer [I think my daughter will enjoy it the most]:

How to Be an Explorer of the World

Explorer of the World

If you’re looking for something to ponder, and can get through this sentence, try reading this article:

Logical consistency is merely a cognitive trick that must ultimately be self-defeating, since you can’t coherently make the argument that logic is only a cognitive trick without relying on logical arguments, which in turn robs your argument of all its force.

Here’s one of those sad but true stories that makes us regular folks dislike the rich even more:

Wealthy Manhattan moms hire handicapped Disney tour guides

Despite that this quiz was a “Wednesday” post from Gretchen Rubin, I think it would be great topic to work on this summer.  To thine own self be true, right?

How well do you know yourself quiz?

Flapjack Friday Quote:

I can build a happy life only on the foundation of my own nature.       Gretchen Rubin

My own nature tells me summer is my favorite season.  Here’s to the beginning, just around the corner.

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