IMG_6391This is the week.  Graduation week.  Just a few more days and our eldest will no longer be a high school student.

While this fact does emote feelings of sadness, it also makes me joyful.  I feel like my husband and I have done a good job.  We have successfully helped our son navigate through thirteen years of the public school system.  Actually, due to a few moves, we’ve been a part of that system in three separate states.  We have, in more ways than just biological, had our hand in creating a being who is thus far successful and a good citizen.

My husband and I are both tremendously proud of our son.  He’s achieved a whole heck of a lot and has a bright future.  He has a passion for music and is taking steps to be the artist he knows he can be.  Our son Jamie has worked, studied, practiced and put in hours of effort.

But please, please indulge me in my personal celebration, at least just a bit.  IMG_6389If you are a parent and find yourself at one of these particular crossroads of life, take a minute, [albeit brief because you probably need to get back to work or making dinner or mowing the yard or transporting one of your offspring somewhere] and pat yourself on the back.  You’ve accomplished something BIG!  You have helped the world keep turning.  You have helped society move forward in a positive way.  Applaud yourself.  Congratulate yourself.  Buy yourself a Hallmark card and a dark chocolate bar.

I realize this entry could come across aIMG_6393s selfish, like I’m trying to make my son’s successes all about ME.  Believe me, I’m not.  I just think sometimes we forget to be happy.  We forget that we’re alright; we’ve accomplished more than our resume might lead us to believe.  We have raised a child.  And that’s a pretty big thing.

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