Flapjack Friday Faves [05.31]

Today’s FFF focuses on art, literature, and ever popular today, social media.  Enjoy your weekend!

Here’s something to think about:

Should Detroit Bail Out By Selling Van Gogh?

My opinion?  I say don’t sell.  It won’t make that big of a dent in helping Detroit’s economic woes, plus it takes away some bright spots in a place that sounds like it needs to keep all the bright spots it can.

…….and speaking of art, the Cincinnati Art Museum has purchased an O’Keeffe,

My Back Yard

o'keefeThe painting will not go on display for quite a few months.  Since the museum’s a very drivable distance from my home, I look forward to seeing it later this year.  Hint, hint, family:  road trip to Cincinnati!

And again, speaking of art, as in why the arts are so important:

By Eliminating the Arts We Are Undermining Our Founders Vision of Americasortedbooks6

Looking for summer reading?  How about utilizing Hemingway’s suggested reading:

Ernest Hemingway’s reading list

And again, speaking of art and speaking of literature…..how about combining the two?

Here’s an interesting project…….Sorted Books

Social networking update of the week:

Marketers Beware:  Facebook Losing Steam with Teens

This is timely to me, as my almost 15 year old daughter left FB last week.  I agree with the kids, FB has become fodder for middle aged folks to post photos of everything under the sun as well as diatribes of what they’re up to.  If it wasn’t for a few old college friends I like to keep up with, and the fact we use it at work, I’d most likely dump it too.

Apparently Facebook is not passe’ with friends of West Sixth Brewery in my town.  There’s a [power to the people] type brew-ha-ha [get it?  brew……] going on regarding their logo and another brewery’s logo and whether they’re too similar.

West Sixth on Facebookwest sixth

We live in an interesting world.  We’re concerned about the legalities of beer logos and who should own million dollar pieces of art.  Meanwhile, well meanwhile, there are legitimate problems in the world.  I suppose since it’s summer, maybe we should give ourselves a break for a while.

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