Hospitable Me

I am pretty excited because this evening some people my husband works with are coming over to our house.   My husband Chip and his coworkers have coordinated a progressive dinner.  Most of the folks he works with live in our vicinity.  He works at Lexington Rescue Mission, so they’re people who value many of the same things.

They’re an eccentric crowd, which makes me doubly happy because truth be told, ordinary people do not excite me much.   Right off, I can think of three of his workmates who have background stories that could quite possibly be made for television movie fodder.  I don’t say that in a rude or condescending way.  They’ve just lived interesting lives.

I’m one of those people who tests high in the spiritual gift category of hospitality.  I like to cook for people.  I like to make people feel at home.  I like to entertain.

Our family has not had people over for a meal in over two years.  Besides a visit from my parents, a close family friend named Josh when he passed through town, and two other couples we meet with monthly for fellowship, we haven’t had guests.  That makes me sad.  In our previous life, we had people into our home regularly.  We’d have cookouts, big Sunday dinners, ice cream socials.  But those are bygone days.

We’re in a different place now, figuratively and literally.  We’re in a different home.  We’ve changed.  Occupationally, in our ministry outlook and function, and in life stage.  My husband currently isn’t keen on having people over for dinner on a regular basis, possibly because he works at a mission where all kinds of people stop in for a free lunch. I’ve decided not to upset him by having surprise guests show up.

Our HouseAs I sit here on our front porch, typing this entry, I suppose I sort of wish we got more [porch visitors]. It’s hard to believe how many people walk down our street.  Many of them appear to be down and out.  I’ve read about people who offer refreshments from their porch.  People who welcome strangers temporarily into their lives.  We’ve done a bit of this, and maybe it’s what I’m really looking for at this stage.  A welcoming hello that doesn’t include letting people past the front door.

For today, I’ll be happy offering stage two of the progressive dinner.  And I’ll plan to spend more time on our porch this summer.

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