Flapjack Friday Faves [06.07]

My husband and I will celebrate 23 years together this Sunday, June 9.  I’ve decided to dedicate today’s FFF to marital bliss [or lack thereof].

Should married couples wear matching outfits?  Sure, why not?

Husband and wife wear matching outfits for 35 years

Best marital advice I ever received?

Never say anything negative about your husband publicly.  In other words, don’t complain about your husband.  I’ve come to realize sharing with trusted friends about issues and frustrations can be helpful, if, and this is a BIG if, the person you’re confiding in is truly trustworthy.  Although I heard this tidbit years ago, here’s a helpful link I came across today:

Don’t complain about your husband, ever.

My poor husband can relate to this, as I forget much of what I hear:

marriage humor 1

For a few chuckles:

marriage 2

marriage humor 3

Marriage is hard, even after 20+ years.  I read yesterday the Putins are splitting up.

Putins Attend Ballet, Then Announce Their Divorce

Mrs. Putin is quoted as saying, “I don’t like publicity and flying is difficult for me.”  I’ve always found the Russians to be a mysterious people……..

hikingThis evening, my husband and I embark on a camping trip together.  We believe the couple that hikes together, stays together.  So far, so good.  I’m not sure if Chip is trying to look tough in this photo, or if he needs to use the restroom.

Happy weekend and happy anniversary to us!

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