Flapjack Friday Faves [06.14]

Happy Friday.  It’s looking to be a busy day, which is how my Fridays often seem to end up.  Aren’t Monday supposed to be the busy days?  I need an adjustment of sorts.  Maybe next week…..

Anyway, so far I’ve managed to drink a cup of coffee on my porch while reading Common Prayer, cook flapjacks [it IS Flapjack Friday, after all] for my family, and stop by Whole Foods for $1 burger patties [for the carnivores in my home].  Now for a long workday preparing for an event.  Meanwhile, here are some highlights/faves/stuff I’ve recently come across:

maria pI’m finding good information on Maria Popova’s website, Brain Pickings.  I don’t know where she finds all this stuff.  Check it out here:


I’m reading Transatlantic, the newest novel by Colum McCann.  His ability to weave different story lines together is amazing.  I’ve already mentioned the book in previous blog entries, but I can’t say it enough……McCann is a great storyteller.  Here’s a quote from the book regarding Ireland:

He cracks the window even further.  A sea-wind.  All those ships out there.  All those generations that left.  Seven hundred years of history.  We prefigure our futures by imagining our pasts.  To go back and forth.  Across the waters.  The past, the present, the elusive future.  A nation.  Everything constantly shifted by the present.  The taut elastic of time.  Even violence breaks.  Even that.  Sometimes violently.  

Pretty good writing, in my opinion…..ben sollee

I’m listening to Ben Sollee, often, lately.  He’s a Lexington native and since I live in Lexington, why not?  He’s also a alumnus of the University of Louisville’s music department, which is where my first born will be in the fall.  So, again, why not?  Oh, Ben plays the cello….  and sings.  And I saw him at Woodsongs not long ago.

My husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary on Sunday.  He graciously gifted me with a tea mug which includes an infuser and lid.  I look forward to using it, and am most pleased that out of the variety of colors he could have picked, he chose turquoise.  Turquoise is, on most days, my current favorite color.  [I’m a bit indecisive]

tea mugstanley cupIn regards to sports, my husband and son are both crazy NHL fans, which does not seem very common in Central Kentucky, where we reside.  They stayed up past 1am on Wednesday night watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and I found evidence that queso was involved.  Go Blackhawks!  In further regards to sports, it seems a bit premature to me, but the University of Kentucky football coaching staff has offered a scholarship to a 7th grader:

Kentucky Wildcats offer scholarship to Jairus Brents

triscuitsAnd what could quite possibly be the best news in weeks for me personally, Kroger now makes their own version of Triscuits, my favorite cracker.  Now more affordable, I can have all the whole wheat goodness I want!  Happy Friday, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Weekend!

One thought on “Flapjack Friday Faves [06.14]

  1. I live in Lexington and cannot find anyone to watch the Stanley Cup! Haha. I got my roommate to watch it and went against the opposite team. Worst ever. Go Bruins!

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