Flapjack Friday Faves [07.12]

Summer, summer, summer….it goes by so fast.  It’s already mid-July [pooh!]  It’s been a good season thus far though…no complaints [except it goes by too fast].

What I’m reading:

and the mountains echoed

Someday my husband and I will cruise around Europe in a trailer like this:


Click on the image to see inside the trailer.

My husband found this really amazing website that helps us keep track of our personal finances:


I’ve begun following mint on Twitter and found some of their posts quite helpful.  For example, this one on making money from a hobby.

Thanks to Sorav for these interesting facts about


  • There are over 48.7 million users of Pinterest
  • Pinterest is heavily used by female users with 79%
  • It is now the third most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter in US
  • 80% of total Pinterest’s pins are repins
  • 9 million users have connected their Pinterest account to Facebook
  • Delicious is the most followed brand with 6.9 million followers
  • Garlic Cheesy Bread is the most repinned Pinterest Pin
  • Food is the top category on Pinterest with 57% discussing about food-related content
  • American users spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on Pinterest

I am pleased to report I have never repinned Garlic Cheesy Bread and I do not spend 1 hour and 17 minutes per day on Pinterest.  I do, for the most part, use it for recipes, ideas related to things I hand make and home decorating.  I think of it as an online magazine, such as Martha Stewart Living or House Beautiful [my 2 faves].  I do get a little testy when people complain about it, or imply those of us who enjoy utilizing it only stare at the screen and never really recreate anything we pin.  Pooh on you, I say!

Do you often find yourself among the skeptical?  If yes, I’ll choose to ignore you.  Read this insightful piece on skeptics:  Seth Godin:  Proving the skeptics wrong

Just when I thought I didn’t need worry about chickens, I read this:

Hipsters Off The Hook: The Truth Behind Abandoned Backyard Chickens

Don’t neglect to read the comments.  They cover the gamut…..the definition of a hipster, what the chickens truly want, sexism, and a few chicken crossing the road jokes.

Because my son plays classical and electric guitar, the merging of the two strikes me as interesting:rhyslccrimsongrail

Electric Guitars Amp Up New Classical Music

This evening, I’m hoping to come face to face with a Rembrandt:

Golden Age of Painting in Europe

Artwork on loan from the Speed Museum in Louisville will be on display this summer at the University of Kentucky Art Museum.  Friday nights are free, so I’m all in.  Hope you enjoy your Friday and the rest of the weekend as well…….

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