Flapjack Friday Faves [07.19]

An interesting topic, as my son will soon begin a degree program in classical guitar:

Why’d ya get into classical music?

I always feel guilty when I use plastic water bottles when camping.  Guess I’m not the only one.  Perhaps I should stop [using bottled water].

Quote of the week:

We all have a theology. It’s just that most of us take the one handed to us & don’t do the hard work of thinking thru our convictions. ~ Jesus Cafe


Whether or not you care about the British royal family, you must admit the awaited baby is a story.  I’ve heard radio programs regarding what William and Kate will name their child and apparently there’s lots of betting going on in England.  What do I think they’ll name their child?  Thanks for asking!  My prognostication is, if a girl, they’ll use the name Diana, possibly as a middle name.  I feel a strong leaning towards Elizabeth, but doubt they’ll pair it with Diana due to the Queen’s feelings about William’s mother.  I’m also thinking Victoria might come into play.  And lastly, why not Margaret?  If a boy, I’m betting on James or George or Henry or a combination of two.  I’d say it’s a long shot, but I’ll even throw John out there.  Whew!  That’s was a lot, but hey, names interest me.

Speaking of the Brits, there seems to be an invasion of sorts going on.  My daughter has brought Little Mix into my life.  I find this to be a good mom/daughter anthem:

Thanks to the Pioneer Woman for the recipe of the week, especially good if someone gifts you with garden grown jalapenos:
jalapeno quesadillas
I picked up Brene Brown’s
I thought it was just me
yesterday at the library.  Here’s a BB quote:
So, goal for the weekend…….let go of shame. [I’m guessing it will take a bit longer than 2 days, but we have to start somewhere, correct?]
Happy weekend, friends!

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