hand off

I’m labeling it the {hand off}.  The impartation of thoughts, theology and rules to live by onto my children.

hand offI think the most difficult thing for me in regards to parenting my kids at this stage of life is the hand off.  My son is, by all intensive and legal purposes, grown.  My daughter is a mature, intelligent fifteen year old.  They are not particularly rebellious and have never been in any real trouble.  And honestly, I’ve probably taught them about all I can up to this stage.  Yet, as they prepare to leave home, I, conversely,  want them to be prepared.  I want their thoughts and views on what’s truly important to be grounded in love and justice.

We all have a theology. It’s just that most of us take the one handed to us & don’t do the hard work of thinking thru our convictions.

Jesus Cafe posted the above quote via Twitter.

There’s a part of me that would prefer my kids accept what I give them and live it.  My convictions, my ideals, my boundaries and personal rules.  But blind acceptance is not truly what I recommend.  I want them to think and establish, and base their life design on what they discover about God.

That, to me, is a scary thing.  Physically letting go is difficult.  I don’t look forward to the good-byes.  But…….what I dread even more is the spiritual release.  The {go out into the world, child, and I hope you’ll let your light shine}.  There are those crazy thoughts.  The {what if they convert to something ridiculous?} thoughts.   Or the {what if they walk away altogether from their childhood faith?}.

Yet I remind myself those thoughts are similar to worrying about them getting physically hurt.  I cannot guard and protect them from what life brings.  I’m happy my kids are thinkers.  I’m pleased they have, up to this point, acted on their convictions.  I suppose I should expect that to continue, right?

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