Flapjack Friday Faves [08.02]

Happy Friday!  Happy August!

I admit I’m a bit teary eyed as my eldest prepares to go away to college for the first time.  It doesn’t help that he’s my only son and he’ll leave behind his only sister.  His {little sister}:

I continue to be amazed at the vast assortment of legos available today, including a librarian:

lego librarianWant a lego librarian?

Here’s a movie recommendation:

Fruitvale Station


I’ll warn you…..it’s not a pick.me.up.

Fave quotes and such from Pinterest:

make stuff

And when the stuff I make makes me sad because I don’t think it’s good enough…..

I’m reminded I’ll never reach perfection:


Yet, even if perfection is unreachable, how about at least writing ourselves some fan mail?  That’s what Seth Godin suggests [and he seems pretty intelligent]:

The opposite of anxiety

and speaking of anxiety:

anxietyEasier said than done, right?

uber factUber Friday Fact:  The word “batman” is used to refer to someone’s personal servant – So, Alfred Pennyworth is actually Batman’s batman.


who knew?

Have a lovely weekend.

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