what to expect?

I’m having a difficult time coming up with anything to write.  I have ideas, but when I try to express them, they sound too opinionated, too journalistic, too {I’m not sure what} for a blog entry.

Society is consumed with the female “M’s” right now.  What in heaven’s name is wrong with Miley and whether Marissa Mayer should have done a photo shoot for Vogue.  Those are situations I don’t care to expound on today. Regarding Vogue, I will say this:

Who in their right mind wouldn’t accept a photo shoot?  It’s Vogue, for gosh sakes!

anna wintour reads vogueMy daughter, who has a subscription, recently posted a video regarding the September issue on Instagram.  She got a [like] from model Karlie Kloss, which was the highlight of her recent days:

liked my video on Instagram and I am OVER THE EFFING MOON.

As you can probably tell, my mind is scattered.  It’s been a little over a week since we dropped our son off at college for the first time.  My daughter is in the midst of a school week that includes three soccer games and two practices.  I am in the midst of reading Gone Girl, which I’m really into and intrigued with.  All I want to do is sit outside and read it.  Which wouldn’t suit my current schedule.

Maybe America should give parents a break after sending a kid away.  Kind of a like maternity leave, only the opposite.  A time of adjustment and coping once they’re gone.  The lady who wrote all those What to Expect books should write one for parents when their children move on.  She could cover subjects such as:

  • How to cook meals for one less eater [especially important if the recently gone child is a male]
  • How to decipher whether you’re in the midst of a mid life crisis, or simply miss your child
  • How soon is too soon to make your child’s bedroom into a media room
  • How to deal with an anxious, elderly, and confused pet once your child has left it behind
  • How to handle heckling and angry drivers after placing the logo of the university your child attends on your vehicle’s bumper [especially necessary if your child attends the local university’s sports rival]

I am hopeful in my expectations for the school year.  My son’s first days have been so.far.so.good.  And that’s a blessing.  My daughter is greatly enjoying her role as a junior varsity soccer player.  My husband was able to trade our minivan in for a used pick up.  He now has two University of Louisville [where our son attends] stickers on it, so he’s content.  In other words, things are going well.

Yet it all still seems so new and different.  I’m a soccer mom.  My daughter plays a high school sport.  This is new to me.  I’m a college mom, which is quite definitely new.  My husband drives around Lexington in a pick up; we said adios to the minivan.  I’m hoping to get my Etsy store up and going soon.  Which again, makes me wonder what to expect.  Will I sell anything?  Will I sell everything I list?

Like I’ve said before, my word for 2013 is {HOPE}. So I hope on, expecting good things.  Because the alternative is glum.

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