Flapjack Friday Faves [08.30]

TGIF and all that jazz.  I am incredibly happy that this week is coming to a close.  It’s been a long one.  And my first born returns home tonight.  He’s catching a ride with a kid named Chris C. who plays the drums which I find interesting because my freshman year of college I caught a few rides home with a kid named Chris C. who played [actually, I’m quite certain he most likely still plays] the drums.  Hooray for drummers named Chris C. who have cars in college.  [Update…..Chris C. has, unfortunately, been in an accident and cannot drive Jamie home.  Jamie’s dad will pick him up.  Which makes my opening not as great.  Oh well……]

Cinnamon-Roll-Pancakes-3Enough ridiculousness. In honor of Flapjack Friday, I made flapjacks this morning.  Regular for my husband, cinnamon roll pancakes for the girl and me.  Don’t worry, James, there are some leftover in the fridge if you’d like to indulge tomorrow.

Breakfast aside, let’s get started on this week’s FFFs.  Here’s a list of books that will soon be or already are movies.  My daughter and I are hyped.  She’s a reader too.  Her current fave genre is dystopian fiction.  You might have guessed it’s not mine.

14 Books To Read Before They Hit The Big Screen

You’ll note Gone Girl is on the above list.  Oh.my.gosh.  I am enthralled with this book.  Very riveting reading.  I’m only close to halfway through, but wow!

Again, speaking of my daughter the reader, she and I both read The Casual Vacancy  this summer.  Once I got into, I wondered if I’d made a good decision, encouraging my 15 year old to read it.  I suppose there were some lessons to be learned.  Don’t use heroin.  Don’t sleep around.  Don’t move from London to a small town for a man who doesn’t love you……   True life lessons.  Maybe.  Also quite a bit of foul language.  But hey, nothing she doesn’t hear at high school, right?  Oh well, she hasn’t shown any adverse reactions since reading it, so I think life will go on.

Confusious quoteThe above is my quote of the week, although I must include that a few days ago, while riding in the car, my daughter told me something she’d learned in school that day.

Confucius might not have been a real person.

True?  Perhaps, I suppose we’ll never know for sure, and I seriously doubt you care.  I made a few jokes about how “confusing” this info is……  She didn’t really laugh. Go figure….

Chimp ArtI like to include some artistic news in my FFFs.  Who doesn’t love a chimp who can paint?  Read about Brent, the painting chimp, here:

Brent, a chimpanzee that paints with tongue

Music for the week = Over the Rhyne [love them!]

Check out their NPR interview:  We Grow Songs

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

One thought on “Flapjack Friday Faves [08.30]

  1. Half the book/movies look like crap. The other half…off the chain!

    I’m totally down with Divergent, The Wolf of Wall Street (Leo and Matthew!), Gone Girl (Ben), The Monuments Men, Serena (the picture says it all), and Reconstructing Amelia.

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