said something stupid

Yesterday morning I said something stupid to my husband.  Something I apologized for before he left for work.  Yet I realize  though an apology is accepted, the thought has been vocalized.  Feelings have been exposed.

Grace, she comes with a heavy load
Memories, they can’t be erased
Like a pill I swallow, he makes me well
But leaves an awful taste

I regretted saying it.  It was immature, and the more I consider the episode, it was more manipulative than it was what I really felt.

Pain is alive in a broken heart
The past never does go away
We were born to love 
And we’re born to pay
The price for our mistakes

Spoken words honestly are not enough.  They are not enough to prove our emotions or what we truly want to express.  At least they’re not enough for me.  I’m a self proclaimed horrific verbal communicator when it comes to sharing the important.  Hence a blog entry.  Or a letter written to someone I’ve lived with for years.

Oh, I know this song won’t do
Enough to prove my love to you
In my heart you’ll always know
There is a place only love can go
There is a place only you can go

Yet when I say I love my husband, when I say I’m sorry, when I say I’ll always be here…….I completely mean it.  It’s not fluff or, a word I regrettably used yesterday with him, shit.

Take my notions and words to heart
This is the cry of a man [or in my case, woman]
I can’t bring you fortune or noble life
But I’ll love you all I can

I’ve used this song in a blog entry previously, so it’s nothing original, especially since it’s someone else’s song.  I listened to it this morning as I folded laundry and I realized more than ever, loving someone changes you and stretches you.  And sometimes I say stupid things.  But I continue to love all I can.

2 thoughts on “said something stupid

  1. I think that is part of love – doing what you have done: messing up and working to make it right as best as you can. Love is a process, and it is a gift indeed to be able to walk it through with someone.

    Music is a powerful medium. And I love Need To Breathe! Thanks for sharing so honestly, and for the great song.


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